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How to get on track with us...

1. Build your own car

When the Coupe Cup was devised, we wanted to make it as easy as possible for those who have some mechanical knowledge to build their own racer and as such several drivers are now campaigning with cars built with their own fair hands. Building your own car is obviously the cheapest way to get your race car, with sound base cars available from under £500. Factor in the rest of the parts needed and you could have a car on the grid for around £2500.

The car specification uses a six-point, bolt in roll cage from Safety Devices and this is solely available through exit13 Limited. Although it is a 'bolt-in' cage, it still requires a small amount of welding and fabrication for installation of the footings but this is the only area of the build where any sort of welding is needed provided your donor car is sound! The rest of the conversion is mainly bolt on stuff, you can easily build a Coupe Cup racer in your garage at home.

2. Buy a 'turnkey' new build race car

As little as £4395 can get you a new build race car from one of the Coupe Cup approved builders. There are a few cost options you could add such as further lightening of the car, the series approved rear wing, graphics and items such as an oil cooler but these are basically fine tuning the package rather than essential options.

If you don't have any where to store your new car, the approved builders can also offer storage and transport facilities.


Contact one of our series approved builders to see what they can offer you.

3. "Arrive & Drive"

All the Coupe Cup approved builders offer race hire on an event-by-event or full season basis. The prices include the use of the car, tyres, fuel, transport and trackside support. All you need to pay for are the race entry fees and club and series registration and have a (minimum) Race National B licence from the MSA.

Contact one of our series approved builders for further details and availability!

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